Thank you to the LIONS and LEOS for there support of our CCABVI FUNDRAISER and YARD SALE!

Directions: Enter from Harmony Street near the new City Hall to use our rear entrance. The driveway to our rear ramp is reserved for temporary use by Rover and drop off of those requiring a handicap entrance. Tomorrow morning (7/28/22) Jule ann Lieberman
Will be providing oral testimony at a Senate hearing for the Senate Committee on Aging. The focus of the testimony is the accessibility of federal government websites. I will be providing a narrative of my experience attempting to obtain information on COVID 19 as it related to incidents in my region. I also will testify how I was unable to locate and schedule a vaccine early last spring without sighted assistance.

Wish me luck, send positive vibes. If you wish to watch the live stream tomorrow morning please go to . The hearing begins at 10 AM. I have been requested by Senator Casey (Chair of this Committee) to speak about my experiences for five minutes and be available to answer follow up questions by the Senate Committee members. The hearing will be recorded and can be accessed later at the same web link I listed.